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Wrought Iron Fence

metal fences with style

Now we will admit from the beginning that this solution is no for everyone. It costs a bit more and is usually used as a decorative solution or to separate your outdoor space. They are also extremely popular among apartment owners looking to cordon off their small outdoor spaces. Our clients love the wide variety when it comes to choice. The simple fact is wrought iron can be integrated into any design imaginable. The only limit is your imagination and bank account. So let us have a look below to find out a little bit more about this solution.


They Will Last A Lifetime

This is our main rebuttal when anyone tries to tell us that wrought iron is not worth the initial investment. Wrought iron is not only one of the most versatile solutions when it comes to fencing, the longer it lasts and is properly maintained, the more money you save. When properly cared for, which requires minimal maintenance at best, this solution will easily last you 6O years or more. You will most certainly have moved on or gotten bored with it by then. Now if this sounds like the solution for you, pick up the phone and give us a call immediately.


Rust, What Rust?

The one thing we all know is that iron will rust if left untreated. Especially iron which is used for exterior purposes. We will however admit that the rust is more of an eyesore and will take years to cause any structural damage. Nonetheless, no one wants that issue in their lives. This is why we have developed a range of maintenance solutions that will ensure your wrought iron fence always stays rust-free and looks its best. It is that simple. Don't believe us? Pick up the phone and put us to the test today.



Also known as the “1OO year fencing solution”, wrought iron is one of the most durable materials on earth. Add to this the fact that it is extremely low maintenance and provides a certain level of security, and one quickly begins to understand it has a solid base. When one considers it can also be aesthetically pleasing, whilst adding value to your property and surely we have a recipe for success. Now to find out more about the wonderful advantages this solution has to offer, you know what you have to do. Our experts are ready and waiting.



Now we understand if you are slightly confused, but please bear with us. Many of our clients have pools and decks. Many of our clients have young children. However, not all our clients want a conventional fencing solution. To this end, we designed and developed wrought iron fencing that is perfect for pool decks, and more importantly, perfectly designed to keep the young ones out of the water when you are not around. Intrigued? Call us today to find out more. We promise you may be pleasantly surprised with the wide range of solutions we have in store for you.

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