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Cedar Fence

wood wall outside the house

Many of our clients make the common mistake of confusing Cedar and Pine solutions. This is not something to feel too bad about. Cedar is a rich and warm-looking solution. Its reddish hue accented with white, and beautiful grain pattern have made it a favorite among our clients. Combine this with the wide range of solutions offered by this material and you will quickly realize you have a winner. Now to find out a little bit more about this solution, please have a look below and give us a call should you have any additional questions.



Cedar solutions offer a whole host of advantages that make it a crowd favorite amongst our clients. Right off the bat, this solution offers a more natural-looking solution to our clients. This is enhanced by its natural reddish color. Cedar is also a lightweight material which makes it easy to install and handle. Add to this the fact that it is extremely eco-friendly and requires less maintenance than comparable solutions, and one quickly begins to understand why it is so popular. To find out more, give us a call today. We promise you will not be disappointed.



This is probably one of the biggest reasons that most clients tend to choose Cedar over alternative wooden fencing solutions. One of the biggest reasons is that Cedar does not need to be pressure-treated to withstand the elements. This is mainly since it is stronger overall. This however does not mean that they do not require some TLC now and then. Warm soapy water and a good wipe down every 6 months will do it the world of good. Luckily we also have a wide range of maintenance solutions to suit your every need.


Lifespan And Durability

As we have mentioned above, Cedar is extremely durable and can last for ages if looked after and given some TLC now and then. This also means it has a natural resistance to warping and shrinking. All this comes together to produce a solution that can match any need our clients may have. If looked after correctly, a Cedar fence will last you anywhere between 2O to 25 years. This makes it a great investment that will only add value to your home. Now to find out more, give us a call and let us have a chat.



This is by far one of the biggest reasons that clients tend to choose Cedar. Besides all the advantages previously mentioned, the ease of installation makes this solution a winner. It is the cherry on top. Cedar weighs less and is thus easier to handle and move around. It is a bit harder to find and slightly more expensive, but overtime Cedar is worth it. So stop wasting time and give us a call today. We promise you will not be disappointed and your new Cedar fence will blow your mind. So put us to the test today.

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